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as i sit here at 4:01am, listening to no doubt, and eating my meal for the day which happens to be pizza and orange juice i realize that at this time tomorrow it will be a new year. new years is my time for optimism. all doors are again open on new years. it's hard to believe that 2000 has flown by as it has. it's even harder to believe that at this time next year i'll be on my way out of georgia for good and starting a real life. i never believed that i'd get to this point in my life and i never believed it'd be so sweet. i'd recap the year but most of what happened to me is contained herein so there's really no point. i believe that 2000 was a year of growth for me that i needed and its ending will be the best. i hope to open this next year on a lot higher note than i did this one. but what ruined the beginning of this year will never happen again so there's not much chance of unhappiness when i wake up today. i'd just like to say thanks to all my friends, old and new, for helping me through another year. i've finished my meal so i'm off to bed now. lates peoples. see you next year.
Tags: friends, happy, wistful musings about the past

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