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it's 8 days until the biggest commercialized holiday in the history of humanity. at least i get two weeks off from school. i'm at peace with the world but not at peace with myself. i can't just let go and be who i am for any number of reasons, lack of a substantial amount of monetary units being a major one. i feel stifled since i can't appear as i would like. i feel ludicrous dressing as i do when it's not who i am but i can't do anything about it. oh damn me for being poor. i should have gotten a job when i could have. my newest artistic endeavor is proving to be much harder than i previously expected. i've gotten a lot of materials from people though. gotta love help. last night cab bought some white and pink bunny ears and wore them into the theater. he looked cute in a bunnyish way. i'm so wearing the ears and tail to school monday. well i'm out to make john not feel so bad about his hair. lates.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, emo, friends, highschool, xmas is lame

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