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i missed the fireworks. i watched them on tv. just wasn't the same.…

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i missed the fireworks. i watched them on tv. just wasn't the same.

shawn's back at work. they're working his ass off... .seriously...

omfg!!! the total gym is going for $330 at the moment. i won't be homeless!!!

my mom's in fernandina. talk about fucking jealous. i so wanted to be at the beach monday and tuesday cuz it's our 1 year anniversary and the day we met we went to the beach. :( i want to chase crabs and birds and stuffs.

i made a new wishlist page. i really like the layout. i think my journal would look cool like that. but alas.... no paid membership for lj. i hate how everything has to cost money. i'm serious about that barter system stuff. like.... my apt is worth 3 goats.... a one year lj membership is worth a block of cheese... dsl is a chicken and 3 eggs.... stuff like that.

i can't believe i'm up at 11am. yesterday i woke up at 8p. i was up until 3 and had to go back to bed because shawn had to go to work at 11 and he insists upon sleeping in the living room where all the entertainment is.

but it's daylight and warm outside.... i might go swimming. :) it'll be like the beach... but with no waves and cement instead of sand..... and no crabs.... well... okay it's not a damn thing like the beach.
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