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i think it's odd how much i've forgotten. like... i can still joke…

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i think it's odd how much i've forgotten.

like... i can still joke about douggie. but, i've forgotten a lot of how it is there.

there's just so much here. the labrynth of dirt roads and corn fields and walmart that was my childhood feels so alien. like i've always lived in atlanta. i always knew it would be like this. i always knew that i was meant to live in a large city. i love the heat of the asphalt everywhere. the fact that i can walk to a chick fil a in 5 minutes, the landscaping, the design of the sky scrapers, the dozens of different types of cars i never saw in south georgia, the retro modern furniture stores that are way overpriced, even the traffic. at 4am there are still shitloads of people out on the roads.

i don't do anything because we don't have money, but the possibility of actually doing stuff is so nice. i want to go to the high museum (which i want my house to look like). i want to go to the botanical gardens. i want to see stone mountain. i want to go to the fernbank again and see another imax movie, it's been a long time. lol i'm a dork.

i've met tons of cool people at school. haven't gotten to know anyone but shanica (cuz i lived with her) well enough to chill with outside of school, though. but i keep seeing 5 or 6 people i know from other classes in my classes and we have interesting conversations. i'm perfectly okay with that. i don't have a huge ass group of friends up my ass at all times, but i've found that i don't need that. i have a few, very close friends, and a shitload of interesting people to talk to that are interested in the same shit i am. it's like i died and went to artfag heaven.

i'm about to start applying for internships. that should be interesting. it means less shawn time though :(... unless i'm working and going to school when he's working.

omg shawn is great. he's the impartial critic i've always wanted. he's not all like "well.... that's better than i could do" he's like "well... this part is weak... but i like your use of color". i'm happy like a seabeast about that. i feel as though my work is getting better.

i think i have a good chance of being something great. :)
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On July 10th, 2003 02:37 am (UTC), fuzzdecay commented:

...alright... i'll let you have my babies now.
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