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i'm bored off my fucking ass so imma pull a kevin and update 98429038492834902498 times within 4 hours :)

dude, i'm not sure what your name is.... but i have NEVER spent so much time convincing someone they're worthwhile to talk to. i think it'll be a good investment.

delsin (not dolsen.... delsin) is at work and i keep sending him to "inappropriate" websites.... oops! ;)

my eyes are getting kinda sticky and hard to keep open. it's probably the ceiling fan.

and it's like everyone on my friends list only updates when i'm not online. never when i'm in desperate need of entertainment. it's a conspiracy.

shawn woke up said "hey babe.... what's up with the rent?" i said "umm... i got it paid" and before i could scuttle over there to kiss his forehead he had fallen back to sleep. he's a cutie butt lumpkin for sure. :)

it sucks to have to be quiet and in the dark when you're trying to stay awake. it's getting increasingly doubtful that i'll make it all day.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, friends, geekery

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