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i miss timmy... timmy like we were 5 years ago. before stuff got.... weird. weird in a very tense way. when he was around all the time.

especially the around all the time thing. i miss that little stubborn canuck bastard. he's here i suppose... but his (stupid broken cheap ass linux, ha ! :P) version of icq doesn't post fucking away messages like it's supposed to. i still worry about him a bit. i know we've both gotten better, but still. that's always gonna be there. the uncertainty if i'll ever see him again.

i wonder where the fuck jason has wondered off to as well. i think he get a new gf and fell off the face of the earth. i'm happy for him, that's all he ever wanted. but how can i be his best man if i haven't talked to him in 6 months?

why are all my friends extremely codependent?

dammit.... my koi are trying to jump the lip of the aquarium again... must be feeding time.

i love sydney and luis to death, but i swear they are the dumbest pets i have ever owned. if only i could get piccys of them. they're like 6in long now. starting to outgrow the 30 gallon. if we run out of money completely we might just eat them.

i'd actually feel bad about eating them. they're too retarded to eat. especially the yellow one. it continuously tries to eat the platic pants, the sucking part of the filter, the rocks, the other fish, the glass.... just fucking everything in the aquarium.

when shawn and i are in the living room they stay in the corner making big gaping "i'm hungry" mouths. i think they consume 3 times their body weight in food a day.

scooby doo is on one of the 4 channels the rabbit ears pick up. i had no idea scooby came on at 3p. probably because i'm never at home/awake at this time.

i need a new battery for my ibook. and a tiny usb mouse so i can bring it to school and do my editing wherever i want.... well... i probably need an external zip or cdrw as well for the data transfer, or i'll have to work on the ibook, bring it home, connect it to the network, move the files to my pc, burn a cd and go back to school. kinda defeats the purpose of having the ibook in the first place. i muchly love that thing. :) i think it'll withstand the abuse i put the things i love through. it's all rubbery and made to be tossed around.

mac design makes me want to touch my no no spot. i seriously lust after the new imac with the 17" widescreen... they move so smooth... so fluidly... with the slightest little touch of the hand... it's so beautiful i want to cry. the g3/g4/g5 workstations make pcs look clunky and outdated. mac is making what all computers should look like by now.

i'm fully aware that i'm on the verge of rambling.

i gotta wake shawn up in an hour. then he goes to work and i'm alone trying to stay awake... which i suppose will be easier... crank up the punk, turn on the lights... and maybe i can last a few more hours.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, computer stuff, emo, friends, geekery, pets, wistful musings about the past

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