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apt hunting again tomorrow and tuesday. thursday too if mom has to come help me. school starts monday. i still dunno what i'm going to do about wednesdays. i don't want to ride marta at night but it looks like i'll have to. not having a car has to be the shittiest thing ever.i got a new cellphone cuz mom didn't want to pay $200 bills on my old one. it's a sweet ass little phone. the samsung you get free with tmobile. and finally. fre nights and weekends. yay! i gots aim on my phone too. too bad i don't use aim that much. :( i was gonna update my cam to show how long my hair's gotten but i really don't have time to right now. maybe later. i so need to put my webpage back up. i don't have the time to make a new layout. grr...
Tags: art school, being homeless, family, geekery

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