alicia (fuzzdecay) wrote,

my treatise on music.

1. new metallica is shit on a stick. fucking honestly... i thought it was korn on the radio when it came on.

here're some random feelings my friends had on new metallica:
limpy: i swear, i could fart in a glass jug and make better music
limpy: saint anger sounds like it was recorded in ozzy's asshole
delsin: to me, they have become the epitome of what the RIAA wants for music

limpy is great.

honestly.... it wouldn't have been too bad of a song if dude didn't sing.

2. new korn sucks ass as well. how could jonathan davis have turned into even more of a whiny faggot??? someone get that grey hound out of his ass or shoot him now and end his (and consequently, our) suffering.
Tags: friends

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