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i swear.... none of this is edited but the guys name

dude: show me sopme pussy bitch
me: wtf?
dude: god damn stop being a prdue and show ur cooter
me: you are by far the rudest person begging me for pics
me: ...that's not a good thing
dude: gotta try something different, being nice aint fucking workin
me: and you think "show me your cooter, bitch" is gonna work? hon we're not in elementary school anymore.... being mean toa pretty girl isn't gonna get you the good attention
me: and the word cooter it atrocious
dude: show ur cooter please
dude: show me ur vagine please
dude: wel for heavens sake i said please i didnt even use cooter
me: just... no... i don't show... there are like 2938430759-237456-892375689 girls that do
dude: but ur cute
me: thnxies
me: but no
dude: can u give me a timetable for when
me: ...
me: ...
me: never
dude: ur my kind of gal, big time ball buster ur one of a kind
me: lol you're odd
dude: thats what im told
dude: ur kind of odd too
me: nah
dude: so that makes us compativle
dude: then by my christian right i am guarnteed a titty shot
me: christians make the baby jesus cry
dude: damn straight
dude: fucking christians
me: wtf???
dude: hey u said cheestits
dude: i wanna slide my tubesteak in ur tiny hole
dude: shit u should se me fingerpaint
me: i'm sure it's beautiful
dude: damn right
me: you should get an award
me: you are by far the oddest person i've talked to
dude: i think my award should be some nudity]
me: ...or not
dude: ok
dude: u ever been fucked in the ass before
me: it's been fun.... but bye
dude: cmon hooka tell me
Tags: inconsiderate fucktards

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