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have you ever been so fed up you've thought about becoming gay? then this is the place for you!

welcome to alicia's "stay straight" services. i guarantee i can crush that urge to experiment.

for only $49.95 a month, you could get access to insight such as this:

steve.: never trust what a female says
me: why?
steve.: i like you blah blah blah , we meet,,, i think you look nice and you are very good looking blah blah blah is best we dont talk more more.......blah blah etc........
me: ...yeah. that sucks
steve.: i should just go gay
me: no way
steve.: why not
steve.: give me 1 good reason
me: shit on your pee pee
steve.: lol ok that'll best more then a super great 1 reason
me: lol
steve.: yup i think i'll stay strait
me: good good

yes folks, it's that easy, and effective. :)
Tags: friends, geekery

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