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yay! ...or is it?

tuesday shawn talked me into eating chinese food. i don't do chinese at all. wednesday my mom came up to help me find an apartment and i was the sickest i've been in a very very long time. i decided to try and look for apartments still.

i got the first apartment i looked at.

somehow in my sickness driven delirium, it slipped my mind that my roomate that i had all the problems with moved to the same complex. now i park 5 car lengths away from her. sucks.

it's a very very sweet apartment though. 870 sq ft for $690. not too bad. apt prices in atl make the baby jesus cry. i'm about halfway moved in now. most of my stuff is in. shawn's stuff gets moved in monday and i start my new quarter tuesday.

i got two new koi, and these i won't kill because i don't need them for a project. (i still feel really bad about that). one of them is gold and metallic looking and the other is white with a red head. i think they're fucking adorable. they're sitting on the bar between the kitchen and the dining/living room so i stand there in the kitchen and make fishy faces at them.

mom brought up my xmas presents. so i have my stuffed stitch now... yay!!!!! i cuddled with him all day wednesday when i was trying to puke up my large intestines.

shawn got me...

so now you can see my content-less website there.

i'm a very happy alicia.
Tags: apt, boyfriends past and present, family, geekery, happy, inconsiderate fucktards, pets, plague, why i hate chinese food, xmas is lame

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