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i was the first one done with the test.... it started at 12:15 and we were given an hour and a half. i was out of there by 12:35. no shit.

so.... i'm taking a break before resuming work on my bas relief. i missed monday so i'm not sure how far we're supposed to be today. i'm 2 levels out of 5 atm (disregarding the decoration)

i wanna wait until shawn wakes up to work because the lights will wake him up... but if i do that i won't get to work until like after i'm supposed to be back at school.

my art book came in the mail finally yesterday... it's fucking huge... lots of piccys. i'll scan you up a piccy of pantocrator christ so you know what i'm talking about, mooslet. :P
Tags: art school, boyfriends past and present, friends, geekery

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