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update on operation: "house wife" alicia:

being naked during housework is both amazingly freeing and a terrible hinderance.

chores where being naked sucks ass:
bathroom cleaning
(bascially anything that invovles dirty water coming anywhere near my no-no spot)

being naked it good for harder chores... such as wrestling the futon cover back on the futon. i think i would have gotten heat stroke if not naked. i also prefer to do laundry naked.... because i can get more clothes clean and our laundry room gets hot as hell.

mom should be here in about 3 hours. all i have left to do is small straightening up and mop the floors (maybe).

i'm fucking tired of cleaning. i hate it... i'm just not a clean person. grrr!!!!!

<3333 to my canadian boys for listening to the play by plays.
Tags: family, i live in filth

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