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it's over

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i start school tomorrow. my month of slack ends. i was supposed to start back today but i don't have classes on monday... yay! i called shanica last night for my mail. she says i have a bunch of it. i'm getting it tomorrow. i bet it's all bills. i have to have $1300 up by february and i have no idea how the fuck i'm going to do it. i have no credit so i have to pay a month's rent as a security deposit. i wish credit wasn't such an important thing.

we're about to go rent a truck and start moving stuffs. finally. whenever i get a phone line and can hook up my dsl i'll take some piccys of the apt. it's pretty. and big. and i don't just think that because shawn, my stuff, and me have been crammed in a 10x15 bedroom for a month.

moving all this stuff is going to suck though. i'm kinda dreading it. i'm not dreading the washer and dryer or the bed or any of that i'm dreading the futon. i swear futon is japanese for devil's bed. it's horrible to move it. it won't stay rolled. it's really long.... argh... i'm gonna hate that.

but imma go get ready to fight the devil bed now.
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