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mom's here... she brought her friend kathy up so she could see her daughter heather (who's 25 or so).

so we had to run kathy up to cumming for her daughter. heather is nice... has a 2 y/o kid that reminds me SO much of devin. his name is keegan.

she was like keegan how old are you? and he held up 2 fingers and was like "five!"


(although i still hate children.... evil hellspawn)

their apt was huge and nicely decorated. not my style really, but still nice. they had a 21" monitor sitting in their bedroom next to this nice ass huge bathroom.

it made me feel bad about our apartment. it's very barren.... i think painting it would help. i don't wanna decorate when half of our shit is in boxes and our living room is packed with old electronics.

anyways.... mom and i decided to hit fernbank/imax and the zoo. i want to go see the botanical gardens.... but not until i have shitloads of film.

i gotta be up at 9am tomorrow (joy!). shawn and i are about to go grocery shopping. alicia's not gonna be getting any sleep.

i will also get free clothes out of the deal. so... i guess up at 9am for a few days isn't quite so bad.

but i want some lovin... but not where my mom could hear... that's just.... odd.
Tags: apt, boyfriends past and present, family, i live in filth

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