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i had fun at school yesterday.... (what is that? FUN? at school?!?!??!??!?!!?! ...yes folks, fun at school)

we were in gordon the bitch's print pro lab and he finally stopped re-going over shit we already know from layout. and there was this guy that was sitting across from me and shanica that had been playing online pool at yahoo. well... he showed us this persons yahoo profile who's picture was a penis with a pig's body... and we has telling us about this 400lbs girl that he saw... and how nasty it was.

so, of course, i was like go to . he forgot to put a ot between the www and the goatse at first... but he eventually got it.

i have never seen someone close a window and run out of a room that fast.

i think i almost wet myself. hilarious.

later on between 3d design and computer illustration, kelly, veronica and i went to pet land and played with a hyper ass pomeranian to pass the time between 4:30 and 6. it untied veronica's shoes like 4 times, kept trying to walk up my pants, and beat the shit out of kelly's bag. it was doing the alligator death roll on it. so adorable.

our computer illustration teacher did a full page incredibly complex illustration for p diddy's now defunct magazine notorious. it was amazing. and he never got paid for it because the magazine when belly-up before it was published. he requested that the class not buy any of his merchandise. :)
Tags: art school, friends, happy

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