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kelly and i had an adventure yesterday.... mall and pet store. i see…

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kelly and i had an adventure yesterday.... mall and pet store.

i see the mon and wed visits to the pet store coming a tradition since we hav ea pecky 3 hour break on monday, and a 2 hour of wednesday.

anyways. the pet store has little baby ferrets... they've only been there a week. they are socute. little kids haven't fucked with them so they're still calm and non-chewy. i also played with a lhasa apsa. it has my haircut. :) it couldn't run on the linoleum well because it was so fuzzy so it was kinda hop swimming. it looked like a little dust mop.

kelly found a new pomeranian to play with. i think she was serious about throwing that one in her bag and walking out.

the people that work at that pet store are incompetent. i watched them try to put together a metal cage (that had shaped plastic pieces to hold it together) for about 20 minutes. jesus christ people... the corner pieces are shaped like corner pieces.... it's not that hard.

and omg. there was a little pit bull housed with a little pug. we were baby talking the pug and it started taking a shit.... and the pit started eating if straight out of the pug's ass. i coined them the scat dogs. i wanted to take piccys. i figured piccys of scat dogs could be useful.

i also fell asleep reading my art history book last night. shawn woke me up to tell me to get more comfy and i was like ".....theotokus"
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