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updated list of stuff that needs to be done to the milk carton

i failed to mention that we found condoms under the back seat. i feel dirty from scrubbing that stain out now. :\

we bought some solvent... and even that didn't take off all the masking tape goodness.... but i'm scared to take a razor to it (i'm notoriously bad with sharp objects) so....i think imma get shawn to do that.

the seats have cleaned nicely thus far.... they haven't dried yet so i'm not exactly sure how much of the nasties came out. that turtle wax uphostry cleaning in the scrubby top aerosol can is godly. it'll take out most any stain, so i'm not too concerned that it didn't come out.

i got all sweaty working out there earlier.... so i'm waiting on it to get dark and cool down a bit before i go back out to clean. (the seats are still damp as well).

i'm gotten a lot of compliments on my little milk carton. some guy said it looked like a landrover. i think he smokes crack.

i looked at seat covers last night. i'll just be buying a new drivers seat. is it the seat cover manufacturer's perogative to make them as ugly as they possibly fucking can?

i want to get clear corner lights for it. the orange makes the silver look goldish and dingy. i'd also like to smoke the lights down in the black rubber bumper... or at least take the orange plastic out.

ph33r my l337 car terminology. *roll eyes*

i'd like to paint it a darker silver. or at least a true silver. not this "i'm silver with a hint of another color" bullshit.

i am not a fucking ricer
Tags: car stuff, milkcarton!

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