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well now. i gots a shiny new journal. one that doesn't match my page at all. one that i have yet to link to my page. i dunno. i'm thinking about taking my page down until i can figure out something to do with it. grr... i dunno. i move in a fucking week. i'm stressed out as hell. i don't want to start college. i want to sit around and eat ice cream like i have been all summer. i wanna move to atl though, like yesterday. i hate living in this place more than anyone will ever know. i need to get my little mermaid tape back form jade. :( i miss it. it was the one with the big penis on the front of it in the castle. i haven't been updating my cam like i should. i'm getting tired of it. i haven't been feeling very pretty lately. i'm worried about my net connection after i move. i have no idea how i'm going to afford to have one. i'm not packed completely. i'm not prepared for this shit at all. i'm glad that at least i'll get to spend some away time with shawn before all the last minute moving stuff starts. :) imma be happy very very soon.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, friends, geekery, i hate south georgia, moving off to college

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