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updated list of stuff that needs to be done to the milk carton went…

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updated list of stuff that needs to be done to the milk carton

went to the exhaust repair place today. saw like 802758740278345973489-1284390 ricers there getting mufflers with dual exhaust tips on single exhaust cars. saw a red supra with a buggy handle wing on it. saw a sweet ass inifinti g35 in a blue-gray.

check this shit:

i had an exhaust leak that was seriously decreasing the performance of my car. the guy said that it could have threw off the emissions test and made it look like the O2 sesor had failed though it hadn't. we decided to put the new one on anyway. so my car gets put up and dude calls us over and i see what might possibly be the most mangled exhaust system i have ever seen. someone had put in an aftermarket catalytic converter and moved it forward where the flex pipe should be. that's why i had a fucking leak. the movement of the engine was working the bolts loose. what kind of dumbass takes out a flex pipe?

and it gets better. every 4in or so there's another weld mark. i think there's less than a foot of the original exhaust system. there's only one place to bolt the pipes together... and the pipe is run wrong... it's supposed to be up near the car body and it's under the wheel/axle assembly. plus the muffler isn't in the center and it's hanging too low because, said dumbass ran it wrong.

oh yeah... there's no heat sheild around the catalytic converter either.

so i had to spend more than i had planned. $125 for a new flex pipe, to install the new O2 sensor, and to replace that gasket.

it took about 2 hours. of sitting in the sun.... talking about car design and such.

my car runs so sweet now. it's nearly silent... not shitloads of pickup... it doesn't like steep hills but other than that it's cool.

it's so quiet that i can hear the cv joints pop a lot more than i thought they were. :(

the oil still needs to get changed and then we're ready for a second emissions test. :)

i know it'll pass.
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On August 20th, 2003 10:54 pm (UTC), overseer200 commented:
Boy you've been busy with that thing haven't you!
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