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this will be funny to no one.... but i don't care.

fuzz decay (08:25 PM) :
i want adobe to hurry up and consolidate ps and illustrator and indesign like they're planning
fuzz decay (08:25 PM) :
quark is a program to pull in outside text and images and arrange them basically
ILurker (08:26 PM) :
damnit... doesn't it have a big enough system footprint already?! everybody i know has psp installed as well just because ps takes six years to load.

aaahhh... nifty.
fuzz decay (08:26 PM) :
psp is shit.

ps doesn't take long to load if you keep your fonts on a separate hdd
fuzz decay (08:27 PM) :
my ps loads in about 20 seconds
fuzz decay (08:27 PM) :
and i'm only running an athlon 650 with 384
fuzz decay (08:27 PM) :
it loads with teh lightning quickness on a mac

fuzz decay (08:27 PM) :
my little 300 g3 will load ps almost instantly
ILurker (08:30 PM) :
the font thing says it all.

psp is great when i want to crop a picture in 30 seconds... i can have it done and saved before photoshop loads.

i have no fucking clue how you get it to load that quickly.
fuzz decay (08:30 PM) :
i am jesus
ILurker (08:33 PM) :
i'm suddenly not so worried about being punished for my sins.
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