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redesigning my page. there's a taste of what to come up there right…

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redesigning my page. there's a taste of what to come up there right now.

the pet store that i wanna work at will take my koi for store credit and put them in a 50 gallon tank to be sold. this makes me happy. i'll probably take them up there soon.

the fish manager had a 20 min conversation with me that turned into "hey my band is opening for god head labor day... you wanna come?"

kelly and i hung out all day yesterday since she and veronica stayed over here sunday night because we had registration at 7am monday. we were some of the first people there so i'm pretty sure we got our mutal classes.

we later got breakfast at waffle house, because kelly was craving hashbrowns and went on an epic search for a starbucks that stocks the vanilla frappucinos in a bottle (there are like 32894923858947589437538457 starbucks around where i stay),, veronica then went to school because she had a class earlier than us. and kelly and i went to little 5 to check out stock photo and ad magazines, buy her bf a playboy for his bday (you can get a year's subscription for $12 right now), and look at clothes. i think i found rings for me and shawn at junkman's daughter !!!!!!!! i also found the cutest stuffed hermit crab keychain. :)

they had a pekingnese at the pet shop finally, but she was a bit sick. we played with an english bulldog that bit my hand and almost drew blood, so we got rid of him pretty quickly. the ferret they have up there now is the spawn of satan. he actually did draw blood.... little shithead.

i also made a 100 on my serial planes project.... and an A+ on my queen card project and moyers is gonna use mine and kelly's cards as examples for his future classes. :)

all in all, a good day, although i fell asleep almost immediately after making it home.
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On August 26th, 2003 11:27 am (UTC), overseer200 commented:
Good work on yer school shit girly.
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