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we just installed my radio and finally changed the oil.

for some reason it's supposed to take 3.7 quarts and we put 3 in and the dipstick says it's too much? any insight into that would be helpful.

my radio still works, glee!! it's an old 98 panasonic which came out of my beloved 95 sentra. the speakers are still shitty.... but the better stereo really helps.

i believe the milk carton has backfired twice. any insight into what could be causing it to backfire would be appreciated. most of the people have said timing problems or problems with the distributor or spark plug wires. i have no fucking idea but it's happened when we were slowing down and it's quite deafening.

i missed both of my classes yesterday. so i now have 3 in 3d design, 2 in print pro, 2 in art history, and 1 computer illustration. (we're only allowed 3

i fell asleep midday and woke up at 11p.... that early registration has thrown my body way off.

gonna try to take the koi up there tomorrow and get some pretty shrimp and snails and maybe some new fish too :) ...i'm actually torn up inside about getting rid of the little retards. i know i'll cry, because i'm a puss like that.
Tags: art school, car stuff, milkcarton!

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