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i bought some small fast fish with small fins to accompany the blue…

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i bought some small fast fish with small fins to accompany the blue cray fish (which is atm named spak... dunno if that's gonna stay or not). i bought 5 fish... but you can barely see them since i have such a fucking huge aquarium. i've decided to get small schools of these tiny fish, because they are community fish and if spak picks off a few i won't notice if there's a ton of them.

fish boy wasn't there today (he's probably getting ready to open for godhead tonight.... oh darn.... too bad i'll miss that /sarcasm).... so i actually had to pay for the fish.... hopefully he'll be there soon so i can get the rest of my refund worth of fishies.

the koi aren't there. one of the employees bought them and took them home. they're in a 125 gallon now. it makes me happy that they're probably much happier now. :)

i still miss them. i'm tearing up like a dumbass. :*(

some asstard tried to race me in a malibu today. jesus... i know i'm driving a giant milk carton but give me a fucking break. even the milk carton with its severely retarded timing can smoke a fucking malibu. i bet that guy felt pimptastic when i left his ass like he was standing still.

never underestimate a snazzily dressed white girl in teh giant gimpy milk carton o' doom.

i had a mini check-in with mom today.... so she knows i'm not dead. she tends to call me bimonthly to make sure i'm still alive. i tell her as long as i stay out of eastpoint i'm fine but she'll have none of it. apparently atlanta is a "big dangerous place" blah blah blah. mom, i'm in dunwoody.... not in college park... not even in smyrna... i'm fine. nothing happens here but the occasional cement spills on the road.

i don't believe i've said anyhting about it but shawn and i planted a mango seed... and it sprouted! i call it our love mango. if it doesn't die i'll take piccys when it's a bit bigger.
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