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my sleep schedule is fucked 5 ways from thursday. like... i'm awake…

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my sleep schedule is fucked 5 ways from thursday. like... i'm awake way eariler than 10 mins before i have to be in class. it's just not right. i slept at night.

i think the world's coming to an end.

i had a $100 power bill. Wtf? 100 god damn dollars. and it's $150 to move fucking dsl service??? and $700 to fix shawn's car? and $700 to live in this apartment??? how am i gonna pull all this money out of my ass? my school's dicking me around hardcore. if i don't get that $1000 i'm so so so fucked. and i still haven't gotten my god damn housing security deposit back yet... where's that you fucktards????

grr.... i hate that school sometimes.

i've gotten done with most of my projects though. i have to redo one and start on my "redesigning a man made object for 10 design periods" one. that's gonna suck. not due until march though.

....march isn't that far away though is it? fuck.


i don't like haven't to live my life under constant stress because of it. that's the only part i hate about not living with my mom anymore. i think imma have to borrow even more money. i had no idea i could rack up so much debt so fast.imma owe like 239582489752845774646793879456789567845485 dollars before i fucking graduate.
on a higher note: ....... it's coming.
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