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i ripped all my files off my hdd a few days ago in preparation of formatting and reinstalling XP, as my installation is getting kinda screwy. sometimes my keyboard will just stop working, and i know it's not my keyboard. little shit like that.

although my puter doesn't sporatically restart as much.

i need a new mobo. period. preferably something xp compatible.

today is the day that i put the milkcarton in the shop for cv axles/waterpump/timing belt issues. now that every major part of the car will be new (except the transmission) maybe it'll stop being crappy, and i can work on a relationship with it. i'm hoping it'll grow on me and i'll love it as much as the sentra (old or new, take your pick).

spak ate a few days ago, i saw him. it's really lessened my fear that he will die. he hides in the rocks a lot now and i don't see him too much, but as long as he's eating that's cool. As much as i love them, i'm bad with crustaceans. Generally when they molt, they die. though now i know more about them, so hopefully spak will live. He is also the first marine crustacean i've had... certainly different from a hermit crab.

anyways, the koi ravaged that aquarium. i have all kinds of nasties growing in there that won't stop. we're moving spak and the fish into the 10 gallon and treating the shit out of that water. cleaning the aquarium doesn't help. we might have to buy a new filter. i have no idea where the nasties are coming from other than there.

i think we're gonna get shawn's car fixed today too, which makes me insanely happy,as it is believed that awful roar it makes is wheel bearing related, and him driving the car all the time with that and the lower control arm fucked up worries me. although the control arm won't be fixed today i don't believe.

dolsen might come visit my this break on his way to go see laurel. i haven't seen the little fuckhead in forever. it should be fun.

i'm beginning to work on shawn and devin's birthday presents. they both are in november. i'm making devin an art set. although he's turning 8 and won't appreciate the fact that i'm making it for him, i'm sure he will appreciate the art supplies. someone needs to encourage him to express himself.

i'm still working on what to get shawn. i want to get him the amelie 2 disc dvd set, but i dunno what else. for xmas my mom and i are going in together to buy him a dremel, like the good one. because he wants one really bad. i'm sure whatever i get him for his bday he'll love, as he liked the stuffed crab i got him last year holding the sign that said "no shawn! please don't eat me!"

yay! he's out of the shower, so off to roswell.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, car stuff, computer stuff, milkcarton!

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