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my wisdom teeth are coming in. i noticed this a week or so ago when there was a little corner of tooth sticking out behind my left molar. i thought this was cool, as i haven't had the experience of teeth growing in since i was 10. i felt on the other side with my tongue and none there. i didn't bother to check the bottom, because for some odd reason, i was only born with 3 wisdom teeth? and i forget about thelone one that's hanging out in my jaw down there.

so a week or so passes. and monday my lower right jaw hurts... like a dull pain, i figure it's just my face being retarded. today the right side of my chin is numb like it's fallen asleep... so of course i'm all like "wtf??!?!!" and i look up numb chin on google and it's talkign about how it's a symptom of some neurological cancer or something... so i'm freaking out.

i start getting dizzy, so i finally tell shawn.... and he looks in my mouth and my back molar on the right side is now severely crooked and wiggly.... yay! my bottom one is coming in too.

so i'm guessing imma have to either:

a. get the crooked tooth pulled, or
b. get that fucker cut out

now, it's beyond me why when i had that 9 months of braces back when i was 13 because my wisdom teeth were making my front teeth overlap why my orthodontist didn't put in to have them cut out.

but you know, ever if he had it wouldn't change this, as that was only my top teeth.

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