alicia (fuzzdecay) wrote,

okay... people that have to deal with illness a lot... lemme know what you think.

the day before yesterday my left calf/knee was itchy. i thought it was probably a bug bite. i go to sleep.

i wake up yesterday to a redness/itching on my knees. it progressed throughout the day to my right thumb/the backs of both elbows/both knees/ left wrist being red and hot to the touch and swollen. the swelling it making it hard for me to bend my thumb. and it hurts when i try.

i haven't done anything the last few days but wash clothes. i haven't eaten anything out of the ordinary. the only thing different i've done was put those aquatic plants in the aquarium.

i've been thinking it might be some sort of allergic reaction.... but the plants never touched my knees?

i looked up my symptoms on google (highly scientific) and all the results i got were for gout and other forms of arthitis, rubella (i've had my shots), lyme's disease (no tick), scabies, and various autoimmune diseases.

i think imma take some benadryl and see what happens. any opinions welcome.
Tags: plague

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