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first day of school.

i start at 2p. i plan on getting a hangtag for my car before class so those asshats won't tow my shit.

i can't believe i'm about to pay $65 motherfucking dollars for a piece of plastic with a hologram on it to hang on my rear view. rAWr!

in other news, i couldn't sleep worth a fuck last night. i woke up every half hour from 10a until 11:30a when i was just like "fuck it" and stayed awake.

i'm still a bit itchy, but for the most part "rash of doom" is gone.

my first class today is a basic HTML class. i laugh. i'm gonna go in and be like ", bitch. now give me an A".

i think i have some sort of sordid love affair with quotation marks.

i go for my consultation for my wisdom teeth wednesday. this surgeon i'm going to happens to be on E Paces road, right by all the bars in buckhead. i have no idea whether to be worried or not.

well... it's time for me to take that 1 min drive to school. i'm guessing there's gonna be a hellacious line to get hangtags. :\

wish me luck.
Tags: ai is full of fuckheads, art school, geekery, money, plague, wisdom teeth

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