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i'm a little bundle of lj entries today. i had to wash dishes because they were rapidly approaching the "omfg! you want me to touch that?!?! you're crazy!!" stage. 4 day old cappucino blast=very very bad.

i ripped my nipple ring on a blanket in my sleep a few days ago. it just now stopped hurting. it's been about a year i've had them now. i'm pondering whether to take them out or not. i don't like having to fear ripping my nipple in two everytime i lay down. i like having them pierced and if i take them out i'm scared i'll want them again later and there is no way i'll ever get them repierced. i gave myself a few months to think about it and i still haven't come to a conclusion.

all over our bathroom are little pieces of very straight black hair from shawn. lol wherever he goes the bathroom becomes infested with little black hairs. all the blankets are covered in longer red curvy hairs, and pinkish red hair, depends on the phase my hair was in.

my school stuff is laying in the floor where i threw it yesterday. there were plates on the coffee table with leftover pasta sauce encrusted on them. this is what happens when both of us are busy.
Tags: art school, body modification, boyfriends past and present, i live in filth

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