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so...i'm at school.

the line for packing tags was surprisingly short.

they raised the fucking price to $70. so...i'm pissed.

and guess what else?

on my schedule it said my first MM110 (html) class was in 260. but they actually made 260 into a transitional studies room. so i log into my account to get my schedule (they don't list room numbers). i go get a sheet of available classes, all mm110s are full so no help there.

so i go talk to the people in the academic services department.

these people will NOT help you unless you have a valid picture id, which i don't... because i don't haul my id around with me at all times.

so i find out that they switched a lot of the mm110s around to different rooms. so the students get any notification for this? no. no we don't.

so i have to con this woman into giving me a copy of my damn schedule.

they've switched my class from room 260 to room 506. i am so pissed. this school really chafes my ass at times.
Tags: ai is full of fuckheads, art school, money

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