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timmy found me tonight. i thought he was dead. he's not dead. very much alive in fact. we hadn't talked in over a year and a half. i'm glad he's not dead. :)

shawn fell asleep on the floor while he was installing linux on a computer. he was out in like 3 minutes. he woke up with carpet marks all over his face only to go brush his teeth and get in bed. so i was bored all night. i updated my cam like 15 times.

my rent is due today. like a dumbass i forgot february is a short month. and i only have like $200. i believe i'm pretty fucked. i hope shawn can make up the difference.

today was ass and titties day in life drawing.

lol i believe my march is starting off well. i'm 19 in 11 days. lol god damn i feel old. i might have to put up a wishlist for my bday. if i do... i wonder if i'll get anything.
Tags: art school, becoming an adult, boyfriends past and present, friends, geekery, happy, money

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