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okay.... so...

my life since last tuesday when i dropped off the face of the earth

tuesday night: mom came up and got here before i could clean out the bedroom (oops). i spent the night showing her the art store, going to borders so she could buy a cd and i could buy shawn's bday present (his bday it nov 7) and to walmart where i bought some cute packaging for his presents. i then showed my mom dunwoody. we got home and shawn and i ordered pizza (chicken and mushroom... it was yum) and cheesy bread sticks. then we went in my mom's car (because she wanted us to top it off in gas) to get my vicodin/pencillin. i picked up a peach milkshake on the way home and upon returning home spend from 1am to 4am crying because i'm a big wuss that had never had surgery.

wendesday:7am, mom and i woke up. we got to buckhead with plenty of time to spare, they took me back early. i sit in the big reclining chair. i'm shaking. make small talk with the nurse. she kinda tells me what they're gonna do. i tell her i'm scared of needles. she looks at my ears/foot and laughs. i tell her that no, seriously i'm petrifed of needles and i've never had an iv. she's like, well.... it's not that bad. the doctor comes in. we make short small talk. they put these monitor things on my wrists, he tapes off my arm and starts slapping my hand. the iv goes in. it hurts. i knew it would hurt. i start shaking badly. they put a respirators thing on my nose. it's kinda heavy and bulky. i ask if it makes getting in my mouth harder. the doctor says that yes it does. i have a split second of worry and then i'm out.

i wake up on the recovery bed when they put a blanket on me because my mom says i was shaking awfully. i drift back out. i wake up on the elevator in a wheelchair. i dirft back. somehow they got me in the car. mom wakes me up to walk up the stairs. i fall. i finally make it up. i lay down on the bed and sleep.

i wake up, shawn is there. they're talking, i'm talking. about what, i have no idea. shawn tells me i was tugging on my bottom lip because i couldn't feel it. i change gauze. it hurts to open my mouth. i get some vicodin. i go back to sleep.

i wake up briefly. my mom is asleep beside me. i go back to sleep.

i wake up. more pills and gauze. back to sleep.

i wake up. mom is reading beside me. back to sleep.

this continues for a while. i eventually wake up enough to move to the living room. where i spend an evening of watching tv and sporatically drifting into drug induced slumber.

after mom went to bed shawn played with mr humples with me. and coerced me into eating some pudding.

i wasn't in a lot of pain wendesday as i was getting drugs pretty regularly.

thursday: much the same as wednesday, except i was more awake. thursday night around 3 am i was in severe pain because i hadn't had my vicodin and shawn was at the store so i had to lay there and suffer as i watched martha stewart.

i got this little thing i call the "mumps hat" it is this band that velcros and envelops your head that holds two ice packs. by thursday i could refill the ice by myself. Shawn bought me some vegetarian baked beans. i had to squish them against the back of my front teeth to eat them. it hurt. :\

i also had to finish my web design class's assignment. it gave me a headache to sit up for so long and have to be in front of the puter.

friday: mom decides to take me to the mountains to stay in this cabin my aunt and uncle and cousin are staying in. we don't do much, just go to cherokee and hang out in the jacuzzi.

saturday: we go on a scenic train ride through the mountains

sunday: we go to the smoky mountain national park and gatlinburg/pigeon forge. my stitches fell out. i came home. i had shitloads of emails.

lots more happened at the mountains. i'll expound with pictures later.

picture of my wisdom teeth (subject to change as it's my cam still):

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