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my wisdom teeth are healing well. :)

the woman had to open up my hole on the bottom a little so i could irrigate it. pain. it was one of those 'it hurts so bad you just get dizzy' kinda things. she actually asked me how it felt after she did it i was like "as good as someone prodding a wound open and injecting not even luke warm water into it could".

they were both surprised by how fast that hole is healing.

i also got the okay to eat crunchy food (i was informed that i could have started on day 3. i have no idea how they expected me to eat crunchy stuff if i couldn't chew properly due to jaw soreness/stiches/large gaping wound. so yay! i can have cereal again! having to stick to bread/pasta/pudding/jello/icecream really makes you crave stuff like peanut butter crunch. :\
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