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this class is such bullshit. i mean, fucking seriously. i'm stuck in a basic html class. we're almost halfway into the quarter, and we're just now learning tables.

i hate how slow this class is, and i hate hand coding tables. they're the epitome of tedius repetitive html bullshit.

i can't believe this shit is mystifying some people. i taught myself html when i was 13 in like 2 hours.


i have a major test coming up in electronic prepress. i have not practiced and missed half of the project because i missed that lab due to wisdom teeth. the guy that happens to be in all 3 of my classes today, doesn't have notes. but he told me it was something about setting tabs in quark? any of you happen to know how to do this??? i'm guessing it's under the modify text menu... but where i have no idea.

i also forgot to move my notes onto disk to print those fuckers out. so i have to find time to run home and snatch them and i don't have any fucking breaks today.

fucking 12 hour day. raWr!!!!!

on a side note, i've been pissed off ever since i woke up this morning. 9am is way too early to be awake. it's almost inhuman.

i seriously feel as though i'm wasting my money learning stuff i already know. there's this guy and this chick in here that know as much or more than i do and we're all just sitting here like drooling. it's so bad.

it's like being in 5th grade and having to take 1st grade classes.

i'll try at a useful, non bitchy entry later.
Tags: ai is full of fuckheads, art school

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