alicia (fuzzdecay) wrote,

we got a 30 min break. so i got to run home and get my notes for class, which are now printed and ready to go.

i also got to eat (finally! i didn't have time for breakfast this morning). w00t for doughnuts and koolaid!

i'm a lot less stressed now. i think i can work up a comp during breaks in graphic symbolism.

i just found out that the other alicia in here happens to have an lj as well. though i have no fucking clue what her journal is. :\

i really really reall want something fuzzy and cuddly to love me. something that isn't a cat because shawn and i are both allergic. *sigh* i get lonely.

i think i'm going to somewhat alter my page soon. same idea, new code. it looks like shit at school, and i can't really show it off if it looks like shit on 800x600.

i have to do 100 sketches really really soon. we're having to do a "schizophrenic object" for graphic symbolism. meaning we pick an object and, using the elements and principles of design, change it without adding anything to the object to convey 6 adjectives.

yes, it is just as difficult as it sounds.

this quarter is definitely a busy one. i have like 0 time for anything but my assignments.

speaking of which, i'm almost done with your page (you know who you are). well, your main page. the content has yet to come. it might be a while, but it's coming along. it's tres sweet. you'll be kissing my ass for weeks. :D

only one hour to go. *sigh* one sweet hour.

...and it's time ot work on labs.
Tags: art school, friends, geekery, pets

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