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a funny little conversation from the camwhores tag board: fuzzdecay…

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a funny little conversation from the camwhores tag board:

fuzzdecay bosco, you have to laugh a lot and be obsessed with cheese and ice cream. that's about all
spammy omg great, I'll bail Bosco outta jail when he gets caught stalking the dairy dept. at the supermarket
bosco done done and done!
bosco spammy, you'd bail me out? awwwwwwww
fuzzdecay people do kinda look at you funny when you get your tongue stuck to a pint of ice cream :\
bosco you need to go to a more accepting grocery store
fuzzdecay kroger is the only one around here open 24 hours... it's okay if you go in there wearing only a sports bra and a trench coat... but god forbid you have a sweet love affair with ben and jerrys
bosco in my neverending quest to be fuzz, i have obtained a sports bra and a trenchcoat....and now i am reconsidering my efforts.
fuzzdecay lol it wasn't me in a sports bra and a trench coat! it's way too cold at 3am to go walking around like that
bosco that's a likely story, fuzz...
fuzzdecay damn... i'm like a sheet of glass :\
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