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i'm in... you guessed it... mm110.


i'm sleepy because i woke up at 2:30 last night. it's only 11. i can't even imagine how long of a day it's gonna be.

i had my 2k for about 4 days and it's all gone now. on car stuff and bills and rent. :\

i wanted to paint my apt this week. god dammit i will paint it before the end of the month.

my ibook is at home charging. XD having a battery finally r0xorz my s0xorz. i wanted to bring it... eventhough the only light i'll see today will be cathode.

i FINALLY burned a new cd for in my car. i've been listening to the same cd for like 3 months now. even with the new antenna i still don't listen to the radio that much. because if i hear one more evanescence song i'll have to kill everyone at 99x.

there is this chick in this class that has a haircut similar to mine... and she's not too cute. it pisses me off that people take a great haircut, and not only fuck it up... but they're ugly to fucking begin with.

sometimes i'm so shallow. but, i design... aesthetics is important to me.
Tags: apt, art school, car stuff, computer stuff, geekery, girlyness, money

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