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Such a pretty girl Happy in an ugly place

i think it's getting better in the worst way

11 March 1984
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i'm a graphic designer. i live in atlanta. i own a pretty awesome loft here, in a really great area. i work at an extremely awesome place.

i've worn many hats (graphic designer, web designer, art director) and worked in many fields (internal graphics, advertising, packaging, environmental design, publication) for many different clients (ing, cnn, durex, pbs, at&t, bellsouth, etc.)

i'm really into being a graphic designer. i talk shop. i wear shop (stuff i've designed, and geeky designer clothing from veer). i admire shop. i critique shop. i do shop at home during my relaxing time. i'm ridiculously happy doing what i love and getting paid for it. i count myself lucky to have determined what i'm passionate about and gotten into it so quickly.

i own a smart fortwo. i was #71 off the lot in buckhead. i love it in a way i shouldn't love an inanimate object. he is my buddy, and i foresee a long, adventurous future for us.

for the first time ever, i can safely say that my life is awesome. i just wish i were closer to the beach.

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